Is ‘Khadi Boli’ an ‘Indecent’ Language?

Khadi Boli (Kauravi)

Khadi Boli-local dialect of Meeurt, Muzaffarngar, Saharanpur, Baraut, Baghpat and Shamli

Recently, I posted a link to my website with a sentence in Khadi boli on a YouTube channel that read

‘भाई, पर्सनाल्टी डवलप करणी है के? तो टेम क्यूँ खो रा, आजा मेरी वेबसाइट पे ..’

After posting the link in the comment section I got a reply from the owner of that channel. He suggested that I If I want to promote my website, I should be using some decent language and, using such indecent language will give bad name to my personality and shall spoil the goodwill.

That gentleman is not alone in taking ‘Khadi Boli’ as an indecent language. Even most of the students who speak ‘Khadi Boli’ think that it’s an indecent language. They feel ashamed of it and they even try to hide the fact from others that they belong to a place where Khadi Boli is spoken.

They try to speak in broken English in interviews, social networking sites, group discussions etc because they have been conditioned to think that the only decent language in world is English.

I don’t know who did it or why and when it happened, but how come you think that English a decent language and Khadi Boli is not? Mind you, a language is a language. And decency has nothing to do with which language you speak in, but the kind of words you use and the way you speak it. Isn’t calling someone ‘Motherfucker’ in English as bad as calling someone ‘मादरचोद’ in Khadi Boli?

Punjabis speak in Punabi, Biharis speak in Bihari, Bengalis speak in Bangla, that’s OK, not just OK but even cool..but the moment I speak in my language-Khadi Boli, I become ‘indecent’. This is so idiotic and biased!

But I don’t blame that gentleman. The blame goes to us. And by ‘us’, I mean the people from Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur, Baraut, Baghpat, Shamli, Ghaziabad and other areas where Khadi Boli is spoken. It’s because we disown our own language that people get a chance to term our language ‘indecent’. I find it ironic that one of the most prestigious and richest languages of India is mistaken for being ‘indecent’. Let me remind you that it’s Khadi Boli that gave birth to today’s standard or modern Hindi.

People know Punjabi, Bihari, Haryanvi, Bangla and so on, but Khadi boli? oh! what the fuck is that? And it is happening because you are ashamed of your own language. You don’t speak it even when you have the opportunity. And why do you do that? Because you fear that people will think you are a ‘Ganvaar’. But aren’t you a ‘Ganvaar’? Of course you are. And by the way, what’s wrong in being a ‘Ganvaar?’

As I see it, the word ‘Ganvaar’ simply suggests a person belongs to a village. Well, I am a ‘Ganvaar” because I was born in a village named Yahiyapur in Muzaffarnagar and I am not ashamed of being called one.

Now, I am not suggesting that you should speak in Khadi boli when the job interview requires you to speak in English. No! That’s not what I mean. I simply want to encourage you to own and take pride in your own roots, upon which the tree of your whole life will grow and flourish.

I don’t care if someone thinks that the way I speak is indecent. I speak the way my language requires me to. I am proud of my language. It’s my language and I fucking own it.

Embrace Change and Prosper, or, Don’t and…

Personal Development

There are two kinds of people in the world-one who are willing to change and others who are not. The people who are willing to embrace change are the ones progressing, while the unwilling people are suffering badly.

The interesting thing is that people who are suffering are accusing the whole world is conspiring against them. (As if the world has no better thing to do)

So, if I embrace change, can I also prosper?

Well, in order to prosper, you surely need to be willing to embrace change, but at the same time you also need to adapt to the rate at which change is happening.

The time has come to choose. Embrace the change and prosper, or stick to your old ways and perish.

Isn’t Playing Loudspeakers After 10 pm Against Law?

Burning issues

Dear Mr. PM,

Thank you for declaring ‘Chatth puja’ a holiday because it is almost impossible to go to work after bearing the torture of loudspeakers till 4 in morning. This also implies to ‘Jagrans’, ‘Keertans’ and not to mention- ‘marriage functions.’ Most of them defy the rule that no loudspeaker should be played from 10 pm to 6 am.

They can afford to defy the rule because the organizers of such events have ‘connections’. Local leaders, authorities and even police protect them. But what about common man who has no ‘connections’ whatsoever? He doesn’t want to complain to police because it may hurt ‘sentiments’ and he may be treated by others as outcast for the rest of his life.

But aren’t the police aware that no loudspeakers are allowed between 10pm and 6 am? If yes, then what stops them from taking action?

It is one thing to ‘worship’ and quite another to make people suffer all night with loudspeakers.

Is there any hope for common man to get rid of this? Or is he doomed because he’s born in India?



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