Help Yourself, Before You Help Others!


Help yourself before you help others

I see these words –‘HELP YOURSELF BEFORE YOU HELP OTHERS’ as the most important words in life, simply because it’s by helping yourself first that you can ever be able to help anyone else.

I learned this the hard way. I used to think that helping others before helping my-self is the ‘right’ thing to do. And this perspective made me suffer a lot. But then, later, I learned the truth. And the truth is, that in order to help others, you must help yourself FIRST!

You can help others become happy only if you are happy.

You can help others become successful only if you are successful (would you listen to a person who is a failure himself, but talks about success? I seriously doubt it)

You can teach others only if you are knowledgeable (teaching others something that makes no sense to you won’t work)

You can give others only what you have. A sad person can only give sadness to people around him since that’s what he has.

Your job as an individual is to work on yourself, to put yourself first, so you can become happy enough, wealthy enough, successful enough or (       ) enough (fill in the blanks)

You can surely give a poor person 20 rupees out of your 100 rupees. But if you have only 20 rupees, and you give the whole thing away, you didn’t make any difference. You didn’t make the poor person rich. You just made yourself poor. The situation didn’t change. It’s worsened.

So make it a point to help yourself first, to work on yourself, to educate yourself, to become happy and successful yourself, so you can share with others what you have.

And the beauty of sharing is that the more you share, the more comes back to you. But you must have something to share in the first place.

Tonight, Make Your Bed…With Respect!


Make your bed before sleeping

Most of us get ready in the morning properly when we need to go to work, school, college etc., but rarely do we think about the condition of our bed while going to sleep.

Sleeping without even making the bed properly is disrespectful and a little ugly. What you’re saying to yourself on a subconscious level is that sleep is just trivial to you, it’s not that important.  In reality, without a good night sleep you don’t feel fresh during the day. Do you?

Do spend a little time tonight to make your bed as tastefully as you can, with whatever resources you have.  It’s a thoughtful gesture to show the goddess of sleep that you do respect her as much as you respect the sunshine.

Want to Stay Positive and Happy in Winters? Keep Yourself Warm!

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a boy and little girl in a marriage function

I had once read an interesting fact in ‘Wisdom‘ magazine about staying positive during winters. It read that if you keep your body warm and comfortable then you are sure to feel good and positive about yourself.

But I think many of us are guilty of not keeping our bodies warm enough in winters, especially girls and young ladies. You must have been to some marriage function where majority of young women were seen in gorgeous looking sarees and even skirts, with little or no woolen clothes.

Well, they can afford not to keep themselves warm (after all they need to show off their expensive costumes) but if you’re a student trying to secure good marks in your board exams or preparing for competitive exams, you can’t afford NOT to stay warm enough during winter season because even a day of feeling bad and unwell can cost you quality study time and (god forbid) may stretch into days (and that’s really bad for you)

You need to make a choice between feeling comfortable and staying positive and feeling uncomfortable or negative. If you ask me, I’d prefer to stay warm and feel happy than to look cool and feel miserable in a t-shirt.

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