You Don’t fuck with ISRAEL!

Burning issues

Just the other day, I watched the movie ‘Munich’. The movie gives a strong message as to how terrorism should be countered. Long Live Israel!

I will stand with Israel

Love Jihad

Burning issues, Love

In the past, Muslim invaders came to India. Countless Hindus were brutally converted to Islam against their will (which, apparently, is a ‘peace loving‘ religion). That was a long time ago.

Times have changed. Now, forcing someone to convert to Islam is a bit difficult. So, the art of persuasion came into effect and a new phenomenon-‘Love Jihad’ born.

Of course, the ‘Sickulars’ are silent about it. Now the question is not, what, (apparently) some Muslims are doing. The real question is, what the hell are Hindus doing about it?

The Problem with Non-violence and Being Tolerant…

Personal Development

…is that most of the times they are mistaken for cowardice and being weak.

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