Embrace Change and Prosper, or, Don’t and…

Personal Development

There are two kinds of people in the world-one who are willing to change and others who are not. The people who are willing to embrace change are the ones progressing, while the unwilling people are suffering badly.

The interesting thing is that people who are suffering are accusing the whole world is conspiring against them. (As if the world has no better thing to do)

So, if I embrace change, can I also prosper?

Well, in order to prosper, you surely need to be willing to embrace change, but at the same time you also need to adapt to the rate at which change is happening.

The time has come to choose. Embrace the change and prosper, or stick to your old ways and perish.

Isn’t Playing Loudspeakers After 10 pm Against Law?

Burning issues

Dear Mr. PM,

Thank you for declaring ‘Chatth puja’ a holiday because it is almost impossible to go to work after bearing the torture of loudspeakers till 4 in morning. This also implies to ‘Jagrans’, ‘Keertans’ and not to mention- ‘marriage functions.’ Most of them defy the rule that no loudspeaker should be played between 10 pm to 6 am.

They can afford to defy the rule because the organizers of such events have ‘connections’. Local leaders, authorities and even police protect them. But what about common man who has no ‘connections’ whatsoever? He doesn’t want to complain to police because it may hurt ‘sentiments’ and he may be treated by others as outcast for the rest of his life.

But aren’t the police aware that no loudspeakers are allowed between 10pm and 6 am? If yes, then what stops them from taking action?

It is one thing to ‘worship’ and quite another to make people suffer all night with loudspeakers.

Is there any hope for common man to get rid of this? Or is he doomed because he’s born in India?



You Don’t fuck with ISRAEL!

Burning issues

Just the other day, I watched the movie ‘Munich’. The movie gives a strong message as to how terrorism should be countered. Long Live Israel!

I will stand with Israel

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