Learn ‘Khadi Boli’-The Rich Local Dialect of Western U.P. -1

Khadi Boli (Kauravi)

Late Chaudhary Shri Mahendra Singh Tikait from Muzaffarnagar, UP-The Respected Leader of Bhartiya Kisan Union (Bhakiyu), lovingly known as ‘Babba Tikait’.


Khadi Boli, also known as ‘Kauravi’ is the local dialect spoken mainly in the Western part of UP, some parts of Uttarakhand and also in some parts of Haryana.

In Western UP, it’s spread across Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur, Baghpat, Meerut, Ghaziabad and surrounding areas.

I belong to a village named ‘Yahiyapur’ in Muzaffarnagar district, Western UP. I’d given PD (Personality Development) classes in Subharti University, Meerut and had noticed that many students feel ashamed of their language (Khadi Boli) because some ‘so-called-civilized- people’ have are of opinion that they sound uncivilized and arrogant.

Well, I choose to disagree. One can progress only if he take pride in his  language.

Shri Bhartendu Harishchandra had stated it so succinctly.

निज भाषा उन्नति अहै, सब भाषा को मूल
बिन निज भाषा ज्ञान के मिटे न हिय को शूल

(The progress of one’s own language is the key to all progress. Without the proper knowledge of one’s mother tongue, one cannot feel himself expressed)

Take pride in your language-be it Khadi Boli or any other language.

If you can’t respect your own language, the language that you have inherited from your fore-fathers, then it’s no use learning any other language. It’s not a  question of sounding civilized and ‘padha likha’ (educated). It’s a question of honoring the very blood running through your veins.

I take great pride in my mother tongue -Khadi Boli, one of the richest languages in the world. And I’d love to introduce you to some of the common words in the language.

Please don’t even think of learning Khadi Boli by watching ‘Omkara’ – the movie by Mr. Vishal Bhardwaj, who claimed that the language used in the movie was Khadi Boli, otherwise you’ll end up learning some imaginary language which is anything but Khadi Boli.

If you’re really interested in learning Khadi Boli. Watch this clipping from the movie Dhaakad Chhora.

Below you’ll find many common words used in the language. I’ll keep on adding more words in the list. Khdai Boli is a fun language to learn. Enjoy the journey.

दगडा (Dagda) – Narrow path or road


चकरोड (Chakroad) – Road/path leading to fields


सोड (Sod) – Quilt


मी (Me) – Rain


खांचा (Khanccha) – Mud


रकात (Raqqaat) – Useless thing or person


कांडी (Kandi) – Shrewd person


दिल्द्दर (Diladdar) – Good for nothing fellow or good for nothing object


लमडा (Lamda) – Boy


लमडी (Lamdi) – Girl


मतारी (Mataari) – Derogatory term used for mother


बावा (Bawa) – Derogatory term used for father


खलका (Khalka) – An earthen pot for storing left-overs that is used to mix in cattle’s fodder


हांडी (Haandi) – An earthen pot for cooking food


मुक्कदम (Muqqadam) – A term used to address senior and well-respected person(s) of village


Lundhiyar – A bunch of vagrant youth


खलकत (Khalkat) – People in large numbers, The world in general


सेंकल (Senkal) – Bicycle


सांकल (Sankal) – Chain or bolt used to keep the door shut


दिया (Diya) – A tiny earthen pot used for lighting


डंगर-ढोर (Dangar Dhor) – Cattle (Buffaloes, Cows, Oxen etc)


दरांती (Daranti) – Sickle


चिमटा (Chimta) – A household accessory used to bake Roti (bread)


गंडासा (Gandasa) – An agricultural machine used to cut fodder in smaller pieces


नाज (Naaj) – Grains (Wheat, Rice, corn, barley etc)


दंग्वारा, डंगवारा  (Dangwara) – A mutual collaboration between two farmer families to help and support each other in agricultural activities


चिलत्तर दिखाना (Chillatar dikhana) – To show an attitude, to throw tantrums


लंघार (Langhaar) – Crowd


मुंडासा (Mundasa) – A cloth used to cover head to protect it from harsh sun and cold and also from attacks in hand to hand combats


अंझन (Unjhan) – Diesel run water pumping set to irrigate fields


डेलिवरी (Delivery) – A 4-5 feet long pipe, (usually made of iron) used as an accessory in water pumping sets to irrigate fields


मील (Meel) – Sugar Mill


दांत पाडना (Daant padnaa) – To laugh shamelessly


किसी के पीछे कुत्ते छोड़ना (Kisi ke peeche kuttey chhodna) – To trouble someone without any valid reason


मठ मारना (Matth maarna) – To spoil the whole game (Nullifying own or someone else’s efforts)


कम्खत (Kamakhat) – Unlucky person


नडिया तुड़ाना (Nadiya tudana) – To labor mindlessly


नाड़ (Naad) – Neck


भ्सरा (Bhasra) – Derogatory term used for face


पट (Pat) – Thighs


काम (Kaam) – Work


पावसाना (Pavsana) – To prepare cow or buffalo for milking by caressing her udders


नुलाना (Nulana) – To clean off weeds from field


मुंह चढ़ाना (Munh chadhana) – Sulking


रंधीन (Randheen) – Cooked dish


रुक्का-रोला (Rukka rola) – Noise


चुपाड (Chupaad) –  A place to hangout, usually in villages where people sit together to chat with each other


झ्कोई (Jhakoi) – An incompetent fellow


खावा (Khava) – Shoulders


पावा (Pava) – One of the four wooden legs of Charpoy


छोरा (Chhora) – Boy


छोरी (Chhori) – Girl


लुगाई (Lugai) – Woman, Wife


बोब्बो (Bobbo) – Sister, Mother


चाचा (Chacha) – A word used to address Uncle and also (sometimes) father


धी (Dhi) – Daughter


मरद मानस (Marad Maanas) – Males


लुकोना (Lukona) – To hide


लखाना (Lakhaana) – To stare


हिरस (Hiras) – To compete


बुरान (Buraan) – Being eccentric or irrational


आल (Aal) – Moisture, Mischief, raw plant of onion


सुम्मड (Summad) – Lazy person


टूम (Toom) – Ornaments


बिटऔडा (Bitauda) – A small, temporary, tower like structure to store Gossey (Upley)-Cow dung cakes used as fuel for cooking food


बुंगा (Bunga) – A small, temporary, tower like structure to store dry fodder extracted from wheat


टाब्बर (Taabbar), टबरोड़ (Tabrod) – A term used for children, usually by mother when she’s angry


टोटका (Totka) – Black magic


बीरबानी (Beerbaanni) – Woman


खांड (Khaand) – Roughly crushed powdered sugar


बूरा (Boora) – Finely crushed powdered sugar


गुड (Gud) – Jaggery


मिठाई (Mithai) – Jaggery


सिनक (Sinak) – A sticky, fluid discharge from running nose


कट्टा (Katta) – Sack made from jute, Country-made pistol


दुर्रांत (Duraant) – Partiality


झोट्टा (Jhotta) – He-buffalo


बिजार (Bijaar) – Bull


नलका (Nalka) – Handpump


जुगाड़ (Jugad) – A temporary solution or arrangement, A temporary mode of transportation built with water pumping set and wooden planks, usually found in rural areas of India


हांगा (Hangga) – Strength


जाथर (Jatthar) – Capability


सोफता (Softa) – Leisure, Free time


गाँव गवांड (Gaanv Gavaand) – Rural area, neighborhood


डोके काढना (Dokey kadhna) – The process of milking cows and buffaloes


मूत (Moot) – Urine


हित्या (Hittya) – The act of oppression


खाल (Khaal) – A small drain channeling water from source to fields for irrigation


खल (Khal) – A nutritious supplement made from Mustard seeds used to feed cattle


छा (Chha) – Butter milk


छा दुन्घारना (Chha dunghaarna) – The process of frying the buttermilk without actually frying it :)


नोनी घी (Noni ghee) – Non commercial butter


देसी घी (Desi ghee) – Clarified butter


साम्ही (Saamhi) – In the front


ठाल्ली (Thalli) – Idle


ठ्ल्वा (Thalva) – A jobless person, Someone too lazy to find work


ताली (Taali) – Key


साबत (Sabat) – Whole


कुदान मारना (Kudaan maarna) – To play/have fun


गिर्दाबाद (Girdabad) – Getting tired like anything and then sleep like a baby


बुग्गी (Buggi) – A wooden cart pulled by He-buffaloes and oxen, mostly for agricultural purposes


कल्टीवेटर (Cultivator) – A medium sized tool used to remove weeds off the fields


टीलर (Tillar) – A heavy tool to dig the fields and prepare them for sowing seeds


हैरो (Harrow) – A heavy tool with sharp wheel like parts made of solid iron to destroy residuals of previous crops


रज्हाना (Rajhana) – To boil something


खडका (Khadka) – Sound


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