Stop Calling Others Corrupt

Burning issues

A relative of mine was narrating how he managed to play loud music till midnight  in his daughter’s marriage despite the ongoing board exams in Delhi.

I felt really disgusted listening to his pep talk. If no loudspeakers are allowed after 10 pm then how did he manage to play loud music till midnight? Of course by offering some sort of bribe to the authorities. (Apparently, the SHO of the area was his acquaintance who made that possible)

And that same person keeps on complaining about the corruption in the country. His favorite line is “God knows what will happen to this country.”

You call others corrupt while you are indulging in corrupt practices yourself. Bravo!

Had it been your children getting troubled by that loud music, you would have cursed the whole system because it’s your children’s right to prepare peacefully for board exams, but what about others’ children?  Don’t they have any right to study peacefully?

Shouldn’t you have stopped the music at 10 pm and thus showing respect for the rule?

You enjoy breaking the rules, and at the same time curse your country for corruption. This is nothing but disgusting.

START following the rules or STOP calling others corrupt!

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